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Ship Customization Preview

Light Everyone!

We’re back with another development blog, and this time around we are looking into some of the customization options we are working on for the game. The project is progressing great on all fronts and we are really excited about it! Lately, our art and technical teams have been focusing on making ships customizable for giving you the possibility to make your own awesome visual identity.

We are working on providing in-game options, which will give you, the players the possibility to choose from various paintjobs that you can add to your ship, which can then be repainted with various colors, depending on said paintjob.

In addition to that, to make your ship even more unique, we are looking into placing a unique player logo. You will be able to choose from a variety of different logos which can be colorized and put on every ship in desired positions.

Have a look at the quick example video that shows this all in action!

As part of our exterior ship customization, we are implementing some ship wear/damage. While exploring the world of Aqua, you will often find or purchase various ship parts or modules from the mechanics. Some of these will come in great condition, some won’t. Here are three examples of the same module, ranging from best condition to worst.



Thanks for your continued interest in Aquanox Deep Descent!

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