QA with The Team - Mikhail Greuli - Aquanox Deep Descent


QA with The Team – Mikhail Greuli

Light everyone,

today we want to share with you a short interview with Mikhail Greuli, the Art Director at our place at Digital Arrow . For us, he is an amazing artist and a person with a great understanding of what makes a game fun. He is also Russian, what makes him twice as awesome. ;)

Besides your favorite upcoming game Aquanox Deep Descent ;), what is your all-time favorite game and why?

 I’m a hardcore RPG fan and it’s really hard to pick, but, probably, it is original Neverwinter Nights game. Also, Gothic and The Witcher series have a special place in my heart.

At what age did you start playing shooter games and which one was your first or favorite game of that genre?

I was around 7-8 years old when I found an amazing game called Doom. Rest is history.

Which one is favorite song or music genre?

I don’t have a specific song that is my favorite, but I love listening to movies (and Disney of course) and game soundtracks, while I work.

What is your specific task as a member of the Aquanox team?

Art director. I oversee the art pipeline and make sure everything stays consistent to the vision that we have.

What are you looking forward to the most regarding the upcoming Aquanox game?

Mostly I’m looking forward to pleasing the fans of this franchise, which I also used to play, and creating a successor to it with an amazing team.

What weapon would you go for in a multiplayer battle in Aquanox Deep Descent and what’s your preferred strategy?

Definitely Torpedo, since I like having 1-2 hit kills with AOE effect.

If you could become an underwater creature, which one would you choose and why?

Kraken, because it’s freaking awesome.

What is your very personal vision of a potential future of mankind living underwater?

Something really close to the World of Aqua.

What do you do in your free time when you are not busy developing this great game?

I usually work on my personal stuff, creating my own world and stories via illustrations. During the summer I also like riding my motorcycle.

Which one is your favorite role/class in Aquanox Deep Descent?

I always played tanks in RPGs, so the Siege unit fits my style of play the most.

Please tell us about your most favorite feature in Aquanox DD!

I really like exploring worlds and getting into the setting of the games I’m playing, the most. For me, gameplay is not as important as the story, the world, and the setting.