A Sneak Peek at how Aquanox Deep Descent is being made - Aquanox Deep Descent


A Sneak Peek at how Aquanox Deep Descent is being made

Light Everyone!

We’re back with another update on the development of Aquanox Deep Descent. In this blog entry, we are showing you some quick snaps from the daily moments with the team working on the project. We’ve taken extra care to take these photos without staging – by being a proper paparazzi in everyday moments. 


This is a typical morning photo. People are already at work but some are still sleeping. Like Kristof right there :). Usually in the mornings, we quickly discuss the daily things to be done and have a go at playing the game (we also do the same at the end of the day). Also, while it’s not visible, the first hour at the office consumes about 5 liters of coffee (repeated quite often). We should probably start a coffee import branch.


This is a good example of brainstorming sessions that we do. In almost all cases, we involved the entire team, from QA to texture artist into the discussion. It has shown that involving everyone from the team brings forward the best results. PS. See the little tree we have in the back? This is an image taken a bit back, around the Christmas period. Also: sticky notes. Sticky notes everywhere!


In two words: slacking people :). Actually, just having a short break. It actually seems they are discussing something important here, but the truth is they were discussing sports and food. As usual. After hard work, it’s always good to have a short break.


A quick panorama of the team working hard. During the brainstorming it’s quite noisy in here, but at times like these you can hear mainly the mouse clicking and fan noise of the machines.


We should probably not describe this image too much. Everyone loves food, right? Lunchtime is always anticipated with growling stomachs.

That would be all for this quick team update from us. Thanks for your continued interest in Aquanox Deep Descent!

Your Aquanox Team

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