QA with the team - Nebojsa Nikodijevic - Aquanox Deep Descent


QA with the team – Nebojsa Nikodijevic

Light everyone,

Today we want to introduce you to Nebojsa Nikodijevic who shapes the visuals of the world of Aqua.

Nebojsa is a weird guy with an even weirder sense of humor (of course in a positive sense). However, when it comes to 3D art and finding smart ways of doing 3D art, he’s just plain amazing! Also, he speaks Japanese what gives him +10 to coolness around here.

Besides your favorite upcoming game Aquanox Deep Descent ;), what is your all-time favorite game and why?

That’s a hard question to answer. I love games like Planscape Torment, Baldur’s Gate, Deus Ex…there are many more. All in all, I love any RPG game that has a very good and compelling story. Currently my favourite is the Witcher saga (including the books).

At what age did you start playing shooter games and which one was your first or favorite game of that genre?

When I was a kid, I used to ride horses on my uncle’s farm. One day I accidentally slipped (my bad), and broke my arm. When they brought me to the hospital I had to wait for hours to get my arm repaired, mostly because it was late night when we arrived. Doctor there had a computer and Doom 64 on it. He told me “You can use one of your arms, I’ll walk and you just aim and shoot.” Before I knew it, we finished the game. Then the pain of arm repair came.
After that weird experience, I really started to get interested in FPS genre. I used to play Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike at many LAN parties. I don’t play them much now as I used to, last one i played was Crysis and I still did not play the new Doom (my bad again).

Which one is favorite song or music genre?

Metal, preferably Heavy.

Favourite song….hard question again.

Let’s say Gojira – Born in Winter

What is your specific task as a member of the Aquanox team?

Mainly 3D Artist, doing modeling and texturing. Helping on other stuff when needed.

What are you looking forward to the most regarding the upcoming Aquanox game?

Seeing the enjoyment of many fans who were waiting for the game we worked very hard on creating.
And melee weapon ganks! I can’t wait to try the Multiplayer part of the game.

What weapon would you go for in a multiplayer battle in Aquanox Deep Descent and what’s your preferred strategy?

Melee weapon, for waiting in bushes and fast forward striking. Up close and personal.

If you could become an underwater creature, which one would you choose and why?

Octopus, because he has many tentacles. Handy creature, and can camouflage his skin into many interesting colors.

What is your very personal vision of a potential future of mankind living underwater?

I think it’s possible we would build underwater cities in near future. I’d really like to see that. Although I hope we don’t destroy more than we create.

What do you do in your free time when you are not busy developing this great game?

Having fun with my kid and wife. Having fun mainly. Wish I had more time to play games though…