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Aqua grows!

Light Everyone!

The past few months we have put all our energy into setting up all the tools and workflows we need to create the underwater world of Aquanox Deep Descent.

We are very happy with how this world is shaping up, so we wanted to give you a little insight into the fun we had at our latest multiplayer test! The video is unscripted, so some… moments of overexcitement had to be muted :) Check it out:

We’re investing a lot of time into making the cockpits be full of little details. You can look around the cockpit in free-view mode, to have more options available in the water than if you are in your normal fighting POV. Basically we’re trying to keep all options that you’ll want to have at your disposal while exploring the deep sea, available to you directly in the cockpit. So to keep maximum immersion we’ve integrated the most important menus and your world map into the large displays that you can see to the left and right on the artwork below:

Our 2D and 3D artists have defined styles for all the different factions in the game, and are creating content, content and even more content :) which we will share with you over the coming months! Fans of the original games will notice that some of the factions have changed a little, but we hope you will like how we’re trying to make the game’s political situation as up-to-date and realistic as the original was back in the days. Check out these concept arts for pilots from the Atlantic Alliance, who control most of the North Atlantic, and the Clansunion, who controls the Arabian sea:

Thanks for your continued interest in Aquanox Deep Descent!

Your Aquanox Team

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