QA with the team - Norbert Varga - Aquanox Deep Descent


QA with the team – Norbert Varga

Light everyone!

Today we managed to get a few words with Norbert Varga – the boss of the studio and the game director. His optimism is contagious. He loves playing games and even more doing them. Also, he has great knowledge about local restaurants. ;)

Besides your favorite upcoming game Aquanox Deep Descent ;), what is your all-time favorite game and why?

This is a very hard question for me because I play many different kind of games, from small Indies to complex franchises spanning many years. After giving it some thought, I think I will have to settle with picking a few games instead of one. These would be “Limbo”,”Torchlight 1” “Braid”, “Baldur’s Gate 2” and “Freelancer” (in no particular order).

At what age did you start playing shooter games and which one was your first or favorite game of that genre?

Does Mega Man 2/3 count as a shooter? It’s a platformer I guess, but also a shooter. Oh, and Metal Slug X! If I am to pick a non-platformer shooter game, I’d say MDK (still a platformer kind of). I remember being so much into that game.

Which one is favorite song or music genre?

I’m quite widespread in the music spectrum and I compose music in a lot of genres myself (never did it professionally though, just as a hobby). I like classical and soundtrack music a lot, but also enjoy a great deal of electronica/ambient, along with garage and indie stuff too. Joe Hisaishi anyone? :)

What is your specific task as a member of the Aquanox team?

I take part in the production management of the project as well as the primary responsible for game design on Aquanox Deep Descent. Part of my daily activities include tackling of issues, planning design and development elements and working with the awesome team at Digital Arrow to make Aquanox Deep Descent happen.

What are you looking forward to the most regarding the upcoming Aquanox game?

I’m excited about it being a game set underwater. The world of Aqua has so much to offer and so many possibilities are there for us, as a developer. I can’t wait to see where the first steps of our players will go. I’m also curious to see how the combat will unfold in the hands of the community.

What weapon would you go for in a multiplayer battle in Aquanox Deep Descent and what’s your preferred strategy?

Smallest and most agile ship and longest range, fast projectile weapons. Hide, peek, shoot the cockpits, hide again.

If you could become an underwater creature, which one would you choose and why?

A Mantis Shrimp. That little guy has an unarmed strike with +20 on the roll!

What is your very personal vision of a potential future of mankind living underwater?

I like to think a bit more sci-fi at times. Hopes high and such. Maybe we learn how live with the energy of sonoluminescence? That’d be amazing! That, and talking with underwater creatures. I mean, who doesn’t want to invent a technology that allows you to talk to an immortal jellyfish?

What do you do in your free time when you are not busy developing this great game?

I’m always on the lookout for something creative or to learn. Currently I’ve started learning French, do music and write. Of course whenever I can, I also play games.

Which one is your favorite role/class in Aquanox Deep Descent?

I’m the scout/recon type. I like to be quick, fit into tight caves and fight without getting too close to the heat.

Please tell us about your most favorite feature in Aquanox DD!

I like that the game feels simple enough to start playing, yet it has so much space for “mastering”. This is why I think the whole combat aspect with the classes will be an awesome play. Especially in multiplayer.